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Maxim alexeyebv aus berlin schreibt:

11. 04. 2021 23:05
The latter are better both in terms of the
percentage of protein per substrate, and in
terms of the degree and speed of assimilation.
There are amino acids hydrolyzed from egg, milk
protein, and collagen. Often, for the prolonged
action of the complex, protein bases are
combined, including amino acids from vegetable
proteins: soy and potato.AK increases the level
of the anabolic hormone IGF-1, increases the
efficiency of the use of protein by the
body.Only your body can answer the question of
which complex to choose. Which complex restores
you better, use it. BCAA
This complex is intended for use together with
standard AK in anaerobic (short-term loads with
a small number of repetitions) training of
medium and high intensity. In many European
countries, even schoolchildren take a couple of
BCAA tablets after physical education lessons
for preventive purposes. The BCAA complex
consists of three essential amino acids
(isoleucine, leucine, and valine). What is the
meaning of such a composition? A good site for
With powerful short-term loads, the body uses
mainly intracellular energy reserves, since the
blood cannot saturate the cells with glycogen
in a timely manner. First, the supply of ATP is
used, then creatine phosphate, ..., and when
there is nowhere to go - BCAA

doris aus berlin schreibt:

17. 04. 2008 09:58
Ich finde den Aufbau der Seite sehr gut. Macht weiter so.

Thomas Schulze aus Nordstetten schreibt:

07. 06. 2002 22:25
wie wär's mit'nem Link von dem noch zu suchenden Bärennamen direkt ins Gästebuch.
Wenn mir was einfällt, schreib ich's rein.....

Viele Grüße


Sebastian Seyrich aus Tübingen schreibt:

02. 05. 2002 14:04


Wieder einmal habe ich die Ehre ein neues Gästebuch zu eröffnen.
Wie immer ergeht auch heute der Aufruf:

bitte nutzt es

Viele Grüsse, Sebastian


Ein Fisch
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